I am a 8th grader at Lindero canyon middle school in Agoura Hills. I have completed 23 Transferable college classes with GPA 3.95 (99%) and earned Math and Science Associate Degree" at Moorpark College on May 19, 2016. I am pursuing the "Associate Degree in Astrophysics, Chemistry and Physics " at Moorpark College. My love for Software and Programming started at a very young age.My parents introduced to the world of computers when I was two. I started writing software programs and web pages at the age of 6.Given Mr. Bill Gates has been my idol, I would like an opportunity to visit. My ambition is to work with NASA and help advanced space exploration.



People who motivated me


Software Engineer   

Mani uncle introduced to the world of Computers when I was 2 year old.


Software Engineer   

Nadhiya aunty recognized my skills in Mathematics and motivated me to pursue certifications.


Software Engineer   

Sathish uncle is my Mentor and he greatly assisted me to prepare for the MCTS exams and taught me how to create programs. Also he coaches me Soccer.

Jonathan Woodbury

Software Engineer   

He Works at Bank of America with my father.He is my mentor for science and technology. He also facilitated and inspired me for my achievements. Video

Jonathan Yan

Software Engineer   

He Works at Bank of America with my father. He also facilitated and inspired me for my achievements. Video

Prof. Diana Nguyen

Professor in Mathematics department at Moorpark college  

Professor Diana Nguyen introduced me to Moorpark College. She let me take my first course in her class. That first class allowed me to take other college course.

Dr. Farisa Morales

Astronomer at JPL  

Professor Morales introduced to the world of Physics & Astronomy. She introduced me to the space science and technology. She works at California State University, Moorpark, Northridge, JPL and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Prof. Joe Keays

Math Professor at Agoura High School  

Professor Joe introduced me to the world of Math and Science higher Education. He identified my math skills and guided me to take advanced classes in college.


"PHITHETAKAPPA Honor Society"  from 2014.
"MAA"  from 2013.
"Microsoft Certification Member"  from 2013.
Founder of   "Help to you"   from 2010.
Founder of   "Agoura Math Circle"   from 2015.

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